Monday, 4 February 2008

Derekson Immobile.


Anonymous said...

Can anyone help?

I've just taken my Derekson out of its box and I can't figure out how to attach the mains lead.



Big Block said...

You're lucky to get a bloody mains lead mate.

All the best

The DelTel online service self help technical resistance team.

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Anonymous said...

I love my new Derekson Immobile but when I use the "Dial the Dead" option all I get is static. Can U help?

All the best M.Zimmerman.

Big Block said...

It's pot luck if you get a connection or not. Try adjusting the Ancestral Depth control on the side nearest the door.

And don't fucking bother me again with your stupid questions.

Fondest Love

The DekTeck Obfuscation Dept Team Leader

Big Block said...

And another thing 'Duwayne'...

It looks like you've got the UK edition of the Derekson Telecom 257110 Immobile phone not the US edition of the Derekson Telecom 257110 Immobile phone which is designated the Derekson Telecom 257110-US Immobile phone, or you would be asking about the power cord not the power lead.

Don't believe everything you read dumb ass!

All of the Love in the Sky

Puwpole Hemihon.

Assistant Deputy to the Deputy Assistant DelTel Systems Analysis and After Market Infrastructure & Help Desk Service Department.